Prior to products being sent, full payment must be received. Payment can be made by cash on delivery, direct bank deposit or via Paypal.

Refunds/returns policy

No refunds will be given once goods have been dispatched. Customers may return faulty goods in correspondence to the guarantee on stocked hives. A new stocked hive will be delivered to the customer upon return of the dead hive.

Hives being collected

Hives on the North Coast of N.S.W that are to be picked up will require 3 days notice.

Hives being delivered

Hives being sent via courier may require up to 2 months notice.

Stocked Hives Guarantee

The Australian Native Bee Company guarantees their stocked hives for a period of 6 months provided the hives have not:

  • been split
  • had sugarbag extracted
  • been kept in full sunlight in the summer months
  • been exposed to extremes in temperature.

Extremes in temperature include exposure to temperatures of 40 degrees celcius or higher, or prolonged periods of temperature below 18 degrees celcius.

The Australian Native Bee Company does not guarantee stocked hives against occurrances of:

  • fighting swarms
  • ant or spider problems
  • attacks by Syrphid flies or small hive beetle.

The Australian Native Bee Company does not guarantee stocked hives where:

  • the entrance to the hive is obstructed
  • another hive is being kept within 5 meters of the purchased hive
  • the hive is being kept outside its normal geographic range.

The geographical range is East of the great dividing range from Bega in the South to the Atherton tablelands in the North.