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We take pride in producing high quality boxes with strong colonies. The hives are made from a product which has superior insulation qualities for the warmer and cooler weather. When you purchase a hive you receive a brood chamber; consisting of two parts should you won’t to split the hive in the future. At the top of the brood chamber is a Perspex lid so that activity in the hive can be observed. Above this you will find a honey super, again with a Perspex top for viewing. Then a lid to cover the hive and roofing tin is placed on top to shield the hive from the midday sun.

We Guarantee our hives for 6 months*.

The hive cannot be guaranteed against extremes in weather (temperatures above 40°C, hives left in direct sunlight, temperatures below °C), or if the hive has been split, if the hive has had honey harvested or if it has been altered from its original form.

* terms and conditions apply

Note: bees not included. We also sell stocked hives.

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Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions 230 × 220 × 220 cm