Why use our bees?

Native bees are effective pollinators of a number of crops including – macadamia, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, avocado, lychee, citrus, watermelon and rockmelon to name a few.

The Australian Native Bee Company has been offering a pollination service for more than 7 years with great success.

Pollination using native bees has shown significant increases in production. More fruit, and larger fruit means lower picking and packing costs.

These results can be achieved in your orchard with the introduction of native bees. Call now to discuss requirements for the coming flowering period.


In 2015 one of our many clients received the award for ‘The Australian small grower of the year’ from the Australian macadamia society for the amount and quality of the nuts the business produced.

Using our native bees in macadamia orchards has been proven to:
* increase final net set
* retention of nuts is higher
* increase kernel weights


A case study at a farm in Sandy Beach where Native bees were used showed a marked improvement in fruit set and seed size.

Significant increases in blueberries have also been achieved through the use of native bees. An independent study showed an increased weight in the fruit as well as greater levels of production from using native bees. Leading industry advocates have been using hives in their orchards and recognise their significance


Growers of Blackberries have been impressed with the high visitation rate of stingless bees in the Blackberry flowers with as many as 4 bees visiting individual flowers at a time.


Recent studies indicate that there is a positive relationship between stingless bee abundance and fruit height and number of druplets. 

Bee abundance and pollinator foraging activity is likely related to high quality fruit.


Avocado growers on the North Coast of NSW and in Queensland are sourcing native bees to improve production.

Hi my name is Karen and I am an Avocado producer on the mid north coast of NSW. Last year we used native bees provided by The Australian Native Bee Company during flowering. We are pleased with the results achieved and are happy to recommend native bees to other growers.