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Education is an important aspect of our company and all ages and levels of knowledge in native bees are catered for. We offer:

Education Programs & Packages

Do you want the stress of organisation and preparation taken out of the teaching equation? Then call or email to purchase an education program/package.

It is a detailed information package that provides a unit of work that is pre-prepared to save you time. The program covers a wide variety of curriculum areas including agricultural technology, science, geography and history. Both solitary and social Aussie bee species are discussed. The program includes valuable information about various aspects of Australian native bees, plus questions and activities targeted at different student abilities and learning strategies. Call now to find out about special deals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Courses for Teachers

The more content a teacher knows about their topic area the better equipped they are to teach the subject. With this in mind we have developed a course to teach teachers how best to educate their students about Australian native stingless bees. It counts for 5 teacher identified hours. So, not only are teachers introducing a relevant new topic to their students, they are also getting professional development hours as well.

SPECIAL OFFER: If your school hosts a course for teachers in your area and there are 4 or more participants the course is FREE for a member of staff from that school.

“I have been teaching for more than 10 years and this is the best professional development I have done. I love Steve’s enthusiasm and knowledge and I am excited to take what I have learnt back to the students of my school.” Alison McGeary, high school teacher, Evans River K-12.

School Presentations

Looking to add a little spark to your students daily routine? Then contact me to organise and book a presentation at your school.

Presentations are an interactive and fun way for students to introduce and learn more about native bees in Australia.

Community Talks and Presentations

We also hold talks at various locations for the public. To find out more about these opportunities go to the courses page. To organise a talk for your group or community simply send us an email and we can make it happen.