The Australian Native Bee Company does whatever we can to help conserve native bees.

  • For the last decade we have sold hives to increase numbers and to improve the sustainability of native bee species.
  • We have conducted hive rescues from development sites, trees that were to be removed and in consultation with the RMS have removed hives from areas to be cleared along the route of the Pacific Highway upgrade.
  • We have worked with groups such as Landcare to deliver courses to teachers and community groups to increase their awareness of native bees.
  • We continue to look for new sites for hives, not only for storage, but to help increase the biodiversity of flora in that area.
  • We continue to use our bees to provide a pollination service not only to increase the economic viability of farms through improved pollination rates, but also to lift the profile of our impressive native resource.
  • We have worked in collaboration with Aboriginal communities to introduce native bees to their gardens.
  • We have provided our services to local North Coast community gardens to improve knowledge in the local area.